Denver Dealer Photo Packages & Rates

Need help with your SEO, Social Media or blog photos? Choose a package below and I’ll help your dealership get more traffic, more leads and more sales.


  • 40 professional images monthly
  • Build awareness to 1-2 promos
  • Great for starting your Instagram or social media
  • Custom sized for IG and Facebook

Starting at $495


  • 90 professional images monthly
  • Build awareness for multiple promos
  • Images named for Google SEO
  • Great to optimize social strategy
  • Syndicate unique content across multiple social media platforms

Starting at $1095

Grand Touring

  • 120+ professional images monthly
  • Build awareness to 4+ promos
  • Images named for Google SEO
  • Syndicate unique images across multiple social media platforms
  • Perfect for established social media profiles  
  • Custom images for your blog articles

Starting at $1395

*12 month agreements are available upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will your photos help my SEO?
Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo look at over 200 technical aspects of your website such as image names, page names, alt-text and a lot of other components.  Aside from the technical requirements, search engines also want unique, relevant content such as articles and multimedia content.  Not only will you get multimedia imagery that no other dealership in Denver will have, but each photo will be named with the year, make, model and paint color of the vehicle to satisfy the technical SEO requirements.
Will you shoot photos for my competitors?
I only work with one dealership per manufacturer in the Denver area at a time.  If you would like exclusivity, ask about a 12 month agreement.
How often will you take photos for us?
I will schedule a recurring photoshoot once a month to capture all of the images in your package.  No need to call or request a shoot – you can expect me on the scheduled day.
Is there a contract?

My agreements are month to month.  If you want to change your package or cancel, I just need a 30 day written request.  Super simple.

Can you take photos of my inventory to use for vehicle listings?
Unfortunately, I won’t be providing this service…yet. 🙂
Will you photograph new or pre-owned inventory?
Primarily, I will photograph new inventory to provide evergreen content for my clients’ sites.  Evergreen content never goes bad and provides useful information to your website visitors forever.
The new year model is coming out, can you take comparison photos for us?
Absolutely!  My clients that have written content strategies share them to coordinate shoot schedules with their needs.  I can provide images with the two models side by side or provide identical photos of the new and old models.
Will you be taking the photographs each month?
I will always be your photographer unless something is preventing me from working such as illness, travel or scheduling conflicts.  I also work with three second shooters that are all local professional photographers.  In the event that I cannot make a shoot, you will be notified and one of those three photographers will take my place.